Research Projects

LAtest Project

Submitted to ACM CHI 2022. Details will be out Soon!

Supervised by: Dr. Aman Parnami, Weave Lab, IIIT-Delhi.


Developed a standalone, minimally invasive, wearable bodily fluid volume monitoring system that is robust to measure, store, and analyze menstrual blood volume from in use sanitary napkin.

Supervised by: Dr. Aman Parnami, Weave Lab, IIIT-Delhi.

EMoTION detection with smart glasses

Developing a low-power sensing system which is capable of detecting human emotions by capturing physical changes that occur on the human face, which could be integrated on a smart glass with minimal changes.

Supervised by : Dr. Shengdong Zhao, National University of Singapore.


Establishing and testing the viability of visible light communication on a drone and further deployment in network of drones

Supervised by : Dr. Ashwin Ashok, Georgia State University.

Published in Light-up-the-Iot workshop (ACM MobiCom 2020)

Publication Video


A light and compact wearable for capturing precise finger and hand gestures - uses potentiometers placed at every joint of the hand and an IMU at back of the hand.

Poster presented at New York University at ESWEEK 2019

Published in ACM WearSys 2020

Publication Video SRC Abstract [Presentation] [Ver. 1: Video]

Analysis of MAC layers assosiated with VLC in NS3

Guided by:- Ms. Monica Bhutani, Dr. Brejesh Lall, IIT Delhi

Project Documentation

PAst Projects

Autonomous ugv

Autonomous heavy duty unmanned ground vehicle, capable of collision avoidance using Lidar and vision.

Supervised by:- Dr. P.B. Sujit, IIIT Delhi

NurseJoy: The Bot

A assistive humanoid robot for nurses at the hospitals to help them inlifting, turning and bathing of overweight and unconcious patients in ICU and also keep the records for all the patients.

Project Video

Pollinator Bee Drone - IIT Bombay

Way point navigation of drone(a bee) with overhead camera performing a particular task using ROS(Robotics Operating System).

See Project Project Video eYRC Video

smart Aqi monitoring devices

Developed smart AQI measuring devices for personal use and for a network of devices across the campus. These devices were based on STM32 running micropython.

At Aerogram Pvt Ltd, IIT Delhi led by Dr. Sarita Ahlawat


A smart device consisting of a positioning-system that guides tourists at tourist destinations using Received Signal Strength Indicator triangulation method in Raspberry pi and Smartphone.

See Publication

Smart Farming Assistant

A robotic assistant for farmers that autonomously makes crop-oriented farming decisions. It sows seeds, analyses the field sectionally and provides water and fertilizers accordingly.

Planter Bot

A bot that traverses an area using vision and responses to various colors and shapes in that area representing flower plants. All computation done on an board Raspberry Pi.